John Weston at Sabina Lee Gallery in Chinatown John Weston' s new paintings at Sabina Lee gallery in Chinatown gives new meaning to the term, 'My Pleasure'. The paintings are tightly executed in a kind of New Wave musical coloring tableau which are refreshing, clean and to be honest, straight out nasty. The lyrics, 'Hot fun in the summertime' come to mind as well as that first summer when you were introduced to the orgasm. Or in this case the multiple orgasm, for those of you still unfamiliar with this phenomena, uh, sorry, go back to whatever you were doing. For those of you whom know what I'm talking about, the exhibition is extremely refreshing and rather dizzying in its ability to, uhm, razzle - dazzle the mind, memory, members, membranes & then some. There is a post - coital vibe to the style of Mr.Weston's work. One can see a multi cultural influence in his abstractions as if the nervous system itself is being represented by a variety of influences which all have one thing in common : we have a body ! It is there to be pleasured. So, gee wiz beaver, let's pleasure it. One can see G-spots, erroneous zones, and pleasure places connected with geometric diagram like schematics that are humorous and playful, in a g rated style for those inexperienced & for those experienced or simply imaginative, the paintings lean toward the x rated. These are the kind of works one would want to display in the bedroom or the bathroom or for the sexually liberated, right there in the living room. Above the couch. Or maybe in the kitchen, above the stove. How 'bout it Honey ? I remember the first time I saw a a Jeff Koons photo. It was masking taped directly to the wall of Sophie Coppola' s bathroom , directly above her toilet seat. No frame. It would make you laugh, while you relieved yourself. It was not just the way it was casually taped, it was also the fact that Jeff was, ' giving it ' to his then lover, an extremely sexy female italian porn star and government official ( those crazy italians). The photo series was somewhat controversial at the time. The thing I remember most about them, in reflection, are the colors. These are the same colors we see in Mr. Weston' s new paintings : Pinks, pale Blues, bright Green's, diluted Mauve' s and variations by adding degree's of white, like a sort of acid trip via the early graphics of Surf and Skate Culture of the 1980's variety. A kind of Surf Punks soundtrack meets a mushroom trip in Hawaii while getting laid in the jungles with the faint smell of Mr. Zogg' s Sex Wax , uh, coconut oil, in the background. For those whom don't surf, don't sex and don't visit Sophie Coppola' s bathroom or art galleries, sorry, for those whom do: Enjoy ! Art is indeed a very liberating experience & the Sabina Lee Gallery knows how to have fun. In fact, the visit is a pleasure. Pleasure Paintings. These art works seem to say, " Hey, loosen up, love a little, live a little, it's not just there for reproduction. God gave you a body, it belongs to you, use it for more than having a child. Let's sex it up a bit , lets do it again " Through to August 20th, 2011 or maybe, for the rest of your life.